Cases study 1


who is...

Oxfam is a worlwide NGO. For over 40 years during times of crisis, recovery and change, Oxfam has supported the people of Timor-Leste in their journey towards a more prosperous and equal Timor-Leste. Oxfam's presence and contribution is to help Timor recover from all its difficulties and regain its independence.

The problem

Few people know exactly what role Oxfam plays in the country, and it was important to inform them. The question was what would be the best way to communicate what exactly they do?

The creative process

From old archives, photos, magazines the idea was to create an exhibition retracing all the work of oxfam in East Timor over the past 40 years, in a chronological journey from the 1970s to the present day.

Old photo selection

Old Magazines

The scenography was part of the implementation of the project by finding creative ideas with the means at hand. While visiting Oxfam's hangars, some ideas came up, such as the pile of buckets presenting the employees.

Here is an example of a scenography for the presentation of the Oxfam team.
The idea was to create a structure with the buckets and stick the portraits of all Oxfam employees in Timor.

The Result

An exhibition retracing the work done by Oxfam in chronological order to help the country recover from all the devastation.

Example of panels 200×150 cm

Example of panels 200×150 cm

Cases study 2


The idea was to create a strong identity that stands out from all the clichés that are often found in the world of yoga: with a good dose of humour, a vintage style, a colourful and sometimes surrealist universe, and a lot of poetry, the identity of Samadi has been created. The graphic style is based on a montage of images and texts that attract attention and have a visual impact

who is...

Samadi is a yoga and wellness centre that was established in 2013 in Bali

The problem

Yoga centres are becoming more and more popular these days and it is quite difficult to differentiate. Samadi at first had difficulty making himself known and standing out from the crowd. Samadi's desire was to stand out as a place that practices yoga for all types of people and places great emphasis on a deep learning of yoga in its philosophy and practice. With great respect for each student, Samadi's signature is humour, kindness and very personal attention.

The creative process

Here is a concrete example of Samadi’s identity positioning: 
A humorous vintage metaphorical visual representing a yoga posture with an eye-catching title.

The result

The creation of posters that always respect the same tone, stand out and attract attention by their originality.